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Nellie N
2 min readNov 14, 2022

I’m not exactly the most active writer on medium, but until now I’ve mainly been writing short fiction (also some other miscellaneous things like a semi-failed attempt to read a ton). But now I also want do to something else, and that something else is languages.

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I’ve been trying to write more long-form things when I write fiction but that has left me with very little to post on medium, which means I don’t have a lot of new short stories to post and very little activity on my part here. That’s why I figured I will just change what I write about to cover something I actually am doing regularly. Which ended up being learning languages! I don’t think it’s a huge niche or anything, or at least I haven’t seen a lot of people write about languages on here (though if you do know about any language-focused medium writers then do feel free to drop a link in the comments). But if I’m having fun doing it and would do it anyway, then I guess it doesn’t really matter?

So what I’m thinking I’ll do is just use my medium articles as a kind of progress log for language learning for now. I like to learn languages, and already know various amounts of a few. I’m a native Swedish speaker, I’m typing this in English right now, I learned some German in school (not enough to be fully fluent), I know about enough Japanese to read a book and get what’s going on from context even if I don’t always know all the words, and I also know a few hundred words of Spanish.

So there should be plenty for me to write about.

For instance, at the moment I’m mainly actively studying Japanese and Spanish, focusing on learning new words in Japanese and focusing on learning… pretty much everything in Spanish. So fairly soon I’ll probably write something about my current level of Spanish, how I’ve been studying it. Things like that. And once I’ve done that I can easily just write another update every few dozen hours studied. It’s easy, and is just writing about something I’m already doing, so it should also be sustainable.

Content! Yay!

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