I Will Read (At Least) One Story/Article From Everyone Who Comments On This

Nellie N
3 min readSep 27, 2021

I think the title kind of conveys the gist of what I’ll say already, but just leaving at that would be boring, so here’s some text. Text that talks about why I felt like doing this, what I’ll be doing(hint: it’s in the title) and so on.

First of all: why?

Well, the things that appear on the front page for me are nice and all, but there’s a lot of the same stuff. So, more variety would be fun. I could obviously read stuff from people I follow and I also actually do that already(well, some of it, I don’t have the time and willpower to read everything from everyone, but I do check out whatever seems the most interesting at the time fairly often). But I’ve also always been the kind of person to read a bit of everything, and who has a bit of a bad habit of being interested in more things than I actually realistically could handle.

So what’s the answer to that problem, then?

Maybe you’d think it would be to be more strict about what I’ll read and not, but I’m thinking I’ll go the exact opposite way instead. I’ll read more!

If you’re unhappy with that admittedly kind of half-hearted explanation, then I also have these small breaks where it’d be nice to have something to read, but where there isn’t enough time to actually find something to read. At those times it’d also be nice to have something already picked out for you. Or well, for me in this case.

So just post whatever you feel like in the comments and I’ll read it, or if you don’t have a preference I’ll just check out what’s at the top of your profile. I figure that should probably be pretty clear?

Just two last things before you do.

One: it’d feel amiss not to do some shameless self-promotion while I have your attention, so there’s links to two of my most popular stories so far below. Read them if you feel like it. Or don’t read them if you don’t feel like it. Either way is fine. (Just to be clear, these two I posted are both fictional short stories, but you can feel free to tell me to read whatever regardless of what it is. I can’t promise I’ll understand everything if it’s on a topic I don’t know much about though).

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