It was over.

Years and years of tyranny, at last brought to an end.

Lily pulled out her sword from the fallen dark lord’s body. It was smeared with blood, matching that which was slowly spreading on the floor, the corpse at the center of the bloody puddle. So…

“I’ve been thinking something this whole time. You’re afraid of me, aren’t you?”

A girl, clad in the light blue robes that signified her profession as a seer — or as people would say in common parlance, a fortune teller, or maybe even an oracle — rested her hand on…

I look down.

It’s a long way down. Not the kind of drop most would survive. I’m sure I wouldn’t, not with my tiny, frail body. Hitting the ground is not what I am built for.

I am on top of a tall building. I can’t say anything more about…

Every October the pain would come. Exactly at midnight on the first, like clockwork. An itch all over my body that I couldn’t make stop. An unbearable ache the likes of which I had never known before that and would never know again until the next year rolled around.


My hands shook, but part of me always knew it would turn out like this.

She didn’t move. Laid completely still, as if frozen in time. Blood dripped down the edge of the blade I held in my hand.

It was work. Nothing personal.

I just needed to bring the…

Emelie, seventeen years old, was about to take over the world.

For most seventeen year old girls, taking over the world was not an easy task. For most humans, period, taking over the world was no easy task.

But in that statement, in that thought, Emelie found her inspiration. She…

Amelia had plenty of secrets. Some of them weren’t even that bad.

There was, for instance, that time when she had tried to put some baguettes that were supposed to go into the oven in the microwave, not having actually read the instructions, at the same time as she had…

Nellie N

I write short fiction and articles about things I like or find interesting

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